Auditing Courses

Students may audit a class if the course is so designated or with permission of the instructor. A student who audits will be able to attend class, have access to class materials, and learn the content. Students must register to audit a class before the end of the add/drop period. At the beginning of the semester, the instructor determines the requirements for auditing, including the attendance policy and whether assignments and exams must be completed. Instructors are not obligated to grade assignments or involve auditors in regular classroom activities (e.g., discussion, small-group work). At the end of the term, the student will receive a grade of “AU” for audit on the transcript, which is not included in the GPA. Additionally, audited credits are included in the maximum number of credits taken in a term; however, are not included in a student’s earned hours and will not be applied towards degree completion. Students are responsible for tuition and course fees; lab and studio fees, may also apply. Continuing education students and community members who wish to audit courses should refer to the Community Education Audit (CEA) Program website for community auditor policies.