Re-Entry from a Leave of Absence

Students returning from a leave of absence must submit a petition for re-entry to the Academic Standing Committee prior to the start of term for which they are seeking re-entry. Students should submit this request at least one month prior to the start of the term to allow for approval and processing (submissions after that time may affect a student’s ability to register for the term in a timely manner). With regard to financial aid, students are advised to consult with the Office of Financial Assistance regarding deadlines and eligibility. Students are required to clear account balances prior to re-entry and should contact Student Accounts with any questions or concerns.

Re-entry to Drew is subject to approval by the Academic Standing Committee.  Students on leave must submit documentation in support of their re-entry according to the guidelines indicated on the Re-entry form.

Returning to the College after a prolonged absence or separation

Application for Re-entry:

A student may request re-entry through the Academic Standing Committee if either:

  • They are within 10 years of their admit term OR;

  • They need 16 or fewer credits to earn their degree.

If approved for re-entry, the student will complete the requirements in the catalog under their original catalog term unless the student opts into a later catalog year. The Academic Standing Committee may require the student to move into an updated catalog year.

Application for Re-admission:

A student must reapply to Drew University through the admissions process if:

  • They are beyond 10 years from their admit term AND;

  • They need more than 16 credits to earn their degree.

If readmitted, the student will work to complete their degree under an updated catalog year. Requests for exceptions to re-admission criteria must be submitted to the Academic Standing Committee for review.