A student who is allowed to enroll on Probation, will not be eligible to receive financial aid until they submit an appeal and that appeal is approved by the Offices of Academic Services and Financial Assistance.  The SAP Appeal Form must be submitted to the Office of Academic Services.  The student may submit documentation that supports his/her appeal from medical professionals, counselors, or other third party professionals (nonfamily members) who understand the details of the situation. The student should also include an explanation of what has changed in his/her situation that will allow him/her to demonstrate Satisfactory Academic Progress at the next evaluation.  If it is not possible for the student to achieve the minimum standards of progress by the next evaluation, the student, with the assistance of the Office of Academic Services, must develop an academic plan that outlines what the student must do to achieve Satisfactory Academic Progress.  

If the student’s appeal is approved, the student will be placed on a Financial Aid Probation status for that term.  This Probation status is for one term only.  At the conclusion of the probationary term the student’s record will be reviewed to determine whether the student has achieved SAP or, in the cases where a plan was required, has followed the requirements of the plan.  

A student, who after a semester on Probation, has not returned to Good Standing and/or fulfilled the conditions of their academic plan will not be eligible for Title IV or HEA program funds and will be placed on Required Withdrawal.  Under exceptional circumstances only, such as the death of a close relative or an injury or illness to the student, a student on Required Withdrawal may appeal to be re-entered for the next term and have financial aid reinstated by submitting the Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal to the Office of Academic Services by the deadline indicated on the notification of Required Withdrawal. The appeal must contain information regarding why the student failed to make Satisfactory Academic Progress and what is changed in the student’s situation that would allow the student to make Satisfactory Academic Progress going forward. The Academic Standing Committee reviews each re-entry appeal received. If the appeal is approved, the student will be reinstated and placed on Probation. 

Such re-entries are granted only in unusual cases, and in no cases may a student be re-entered twice.