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Dual Degree: Drew University - History - Dual Degree at Drew University Bachelor's/MA

History and Culture UG Dual Degree

Program Title

History - Bachelor's/MA

Program Type

Dual Degree

Degree Designation

Dual Degree

Program Description

BA/MA (4+1)

Drew University’s 4+1 BA in History/Master of Arts in History & Culture (MA) Program allows students to earn a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree in five years.

Students begin taking classes toward their Master of Arts degree while in their junior or senior year at Drew. Students complete two upper-level history courses, which count as electives for both the BA and MA degree. Specific courses require pre-approval of the Director of the History and Culture Program. Students must complete all requirements for the major and for the MA. But they may petition the Director to have one or two undergraduate courses count towards requirements of the MA program, when appropriate. For instance, an undergraduate Honors Thesis might replace course, but only when the student is also completing a Masters Thesis.

In their senior year, students should also take two graduate courses from the History and Culture program, of which one should be course, the graduate Foundations course. These graduate courses do not count towards the undergraduate degree.

After completing the BA degree, students will then have taken four courses towards their Masters Degree, with only an additional six courses required in the fifth year of study.


Eligibility and Application Criteria

How to apply: 

New undergraduate applicants to Drew (incoming freshman or transfer): Applicants indicate their interest in the BA/MA program in their Drew College of Liberal Arts application. When study begins at Drew, students will be contacted by a BA/MA adviser to schedule an informational meeting about next steps needed to begin the program.

Current Drew undergraduate students: Interested students should contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at to set up a meeting with a BA/MA adviser as early as possible, preferably by the end of their sophomore year.

Drew BA/MA candidates must meet the following criteria to solidify formal acceptance to the MA (generally by February 1 of a student’s Junior year):

  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

  • Have a GPA in History of at least 3.5, including grades of at least B+ in two upper-level courses.

  • Have submitted two letters of recommendation from Drew Faculty.

  • Submit letter of intent indicating research interests and career plans to 

At the point of completing the Bachelor of Arts degree and moving completely into the Master of Arts program, Drew students are required to:

  • Have maintained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0.

  • Have maintained a GPA in History of at least 3.5.

  • Have completed the 4 required history courses earning grades of “B+” or better in two upper-level courses and “B” or better in the two graduate courses taken. 

Drew’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies reserves the right to deny admission to the MA Program if a student fails to meet all prerequisites, or if there are documented issues that raise concerns about his or her suitability for the program.