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Dual Degree: NYU Tandon - Cybersecurity - Dual Degree NYU Tandon Bachelor's/MS

External Program UG Dual Degree

Program Title

Cybersecurity - Bachelor's/MS

Program Type

Dual Degree

Degree Designation

Dual Degree


Program Description

Cybersecurity - New York University Tandon

BA or BS/MS (4+1)

Drew students who are interested in earning a Master of Science degree in Cybersecurity have the opportunity to gain guaranteed admission to New York University Tandon School of Engineering’s 10-course part time online MS degree program as a Cyber Fellow. Drew students from any major are eligible for this program and there is an optional bridge program for students who need additional coursework to qualify. Acceptance to the dual degree program will result in the Cyber Fellows Scholarship which includes a substantial tuition discount. Students may also elect to take up to four three-credit courses of the online NYU Tandon program prior to graduation from Drew and count these credits toward the Drew undergraduate degree.


Eligibility and Application Criteria

Students who meet the following requirements are guaranteed admission to the program. For program eligibility:

  • Students must have attended Drew for at least two complete semesters, must have completed at least 64 undergraduate credits, and must be on track to complete Drew’s graduation requirements in a Bachelor’s degree program.

  • Students must have earned a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or higher.

  • Students should present evidence of strong analytical and writing skills, demonstrate aptitude for technology-oriented coursework in cybersecurity, and should have completed the following courses or their equivalents: Calculus (course or course), at least one course in Computer Programming (course, course, course, orcourse), Discrete Math (course), and Data Structures (course).

  • Students must provide a letter of recommendation from at least one faculty member attesting to academic ability and computer science knowledge.

  • Students should be in good standing at Drew, and must satisfy all NYU Tandon admissions requirements as outlined on NYU Tandon’s current application form. NYU Tandon reserves the right to deny entrance to the Program if students are not in good standing or are not able to provide satisfactory answers to all application questions.

New York University Tandon School of engineering will be responsible for final application review and evaluation prior to entry into the dual degree program. Students who have graduated from Drew and who have not completed the required course prerequisite qualifications will be eligible to enter NYU Tandon’s Bridge program in anticipation of entrance into the Program.

Drew students may apply for the program in the fall of their junior year or later. There are two possible ways for Drew students to enter the Online Cyber Fellows Program at NYU Tandon:

  • Students admitted to the Program may choose to begin taking the online NYU Tandon courses through cross-registration during their Junior or Senior years, while still attending Drew, prior to graduation. Additional course fees may apply. Drew will recognize up to four three-credit courses (a total of 12 credits) of NYU Tandon courses in the Online Cyber Fellows Program.

  • Accepted students may choose to matriculate directly at NYU Tandon after graduation from Drew.

Scholarship Awards

Regardless of when students begin taking the online NYU Tandon courses in the Cyber Fellows Program, all participating students will receive the Cyber Fellows Scholarship. Students will also have access to the full array of online student services provided by NYU Tandon, which includes access to all of the following: the learning platform and associated course materials and supports; current student mentors; career advice services; and guest lectures, seminars, and industry partner events.

All students must receive at least a B grade in their first two NYU Tandon courses in order to continue in the Program. Students who successfully complete the full Program – 30 credits – will graduate from NYU Tandon with a Masters in Cybersecurity.

For more information about the New York University Tandon School of Engineering 10-course online MS in Cybersecurity, please visit:

For more information about the Drew-NYU 4+1 program, contact Drew's Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at