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CSCI - Computer Science Minor

Program Title

Computer Science

Program Type


Degree Designation


Program Description

Minor effective prior to 2011

Modifications Made to Curriculum: Fall 2015, Fall 2020, Fall 2022, Fall 2023

Computer science is centered around the practice of problem solving using technology. Rooted in the natural sciences and mathematics, it relates to many aspects of the social sciences (e.g., social network analysis, human-computer interaction, etc.), the arts (e.g., interaction design) and the humanities (e.g., media studies).

Drew’s computer science program is designed to stimulate critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity, together with effective communication skills that prepare students for academic and professional achievement. Computer science students at Drew learn by doing. In many courses, students and instructors explore core computing topics through projects, often for real customers. To date, these projects have resulted in many completed software applications installed and in use at our partner sites. Other opportunities for real-world learning include a variety of internships and collaborative research projects with our faculty and other students.


Requirements for the Minor (24 credits)

I. Core (8 credits)

Complete the following two:

  • course - Introduction to Computer Science in Python

  • course - Object Oriented Programming in Java

II. Electives (16 credits)

Complete 16 credits (4 classes); regularly offered CSCI courses are listed below; courses from MATH, STAT, and DATA, as well as internship credit, may also count, depending on relevance, with departmental approval.

  • course - Introduction to Computer Science in JavaScript

  • course - Data Structures

  • course - Web Application Development

  • course - Principles of Cybersecurity

  • course - Computer Systems & Architecture

  • course - Intermediate Topics in Computer Science

  • course - Independent Study in Computer Science

  • course - Quantum Computing

  • course - Databases & Information Management

  • course - Functional Programming

  • course - Software Engineering

  • course - Mobile Application Development

  • course - Computer Networks & Security

  • course - Secure Code Analysis

  • course - Cryptography

  • course - Operating Systems

  • course - Algorithm Analysis and Computability

  • course - Advanced Topics in Computer Science

  • course - Computer Science Capstone